Counselling service

The counselling service is available to all students and is a safe and confidential space for you to talk about your thoughts and feelings. We have two fully trained, professional counsellors who are able to offer one-to-one and group sessions. You can book in advance or come to one of our drop-ins. The counsellor wont tell anyone what you say unless you both decide someone else needs to be involved*.

Counselling sessions offer the opportunity for you to talk about worries, thoughts, feelings or problems you find hard to cope with. You can discuss anything you want and you will always be listened to with respect, care and without judgement. Counselling can help you talk about and come to terms with difficult things that have happened or on-going worries; feel more confident about yourself; give you strength and courage and can help you achieve in college.

*or there is a safeguarding concern.

Staff profile



Studied at Emmanuel College, Cambridge University and has been working at NewVIc since 2000.

“I love working at NewVIc and being there for students when they are going through difficult times. I know how hard it is to focus on your studies when you are confused, unhappy, stressed, anxious or depressed. My job is to help students work through whatever is going on for them (big or small) so they are more able to achieve their potential in all aspects of their college life.”