Student Welfare

A safe and supportive learning environment for all

NewVIc prides itself on the support and guidance it offers its young people in its safe and positive environment. Whatever support a student needs, the college will do its utmost to help.


Every student has a personal tutor and meets with him or her at least once a week. They offer support for every aspect of a student’s experience at NewVIc. Your personal tutor will play an important part in your life at NewVIc:

  • all full-time students are assigned a tutor whose role is to work with you to ensure that your entry to the college and induction to your course of study is successful
  • your tutor will begin the process of action planning with you and will review your progress with you at specific points during your course with feedback from your subject teachers
  • your tutor is very much your guide and mentor and the person you should normally contact first if you have concerns about your work or other matters
  • your tutor will focus on supporting you to succeed in the qualification aims you have identified at the beginning of your course, and to help you with the process of identifying and applying for further courses at college or university, further training or employment and will write references
  • your tutor will also help you to decide your next step after your course, whether this is further study or work
  • if you are aiming to apply to university, your tutor will support you in making your choices, your application and will write your reference
  • tutors also ensure that concerns are addressed and that effective systems of supporting you whilst at college, including the tutorial programme, are in place

Learning support assistants

The college has a dedicated team of learning support assistants (LSA) who help those students who require support while at college. They provide educational, emotional, mental and physical support to those students that require it.

Student advisers

Our student advisers can provide information and advice on a range of personal issues that can cause students concern. We have information on a large number of outside agencies that can help and we refer students to the right place either within NewVIc or outside the college.

Careers advice

NewVIc’s careers advisers offer essential support, whether your child’s interest is in university or the world of work. They can help with careers ideas, provide guidance when a student is making decisions about university, and help students look for employment or training.


NewVIc's qualified counsellors are there to listen and provide a confidential service. They help students with personal and emotional problems that are preventing them from getting the most out of college. The counsellors can see students on a one-off basis or for a period of time.

Youth safety officers

We have a team of youth safety workers who ensure a safe environment, working with groups and individuals on issues such as punctuality and matters affecting their time at college.