Quality of teaching

Teachers at NewVIc share good practices within and across departments in order to ensure that our students receive the best possible experience inside and outside of class. We also use regular student feedback to help inform and develop our course and lesson planning.

A key goal is to ‘stretch and challenge’ NewVIc students so that they all make the maximum progress possible. Successes include our highest ever A level pass rates, improved high grade achievement and progression to some of the top universities in the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge.

Our recent Ofsted report, in 2014, identified several strengths in teaching, learning and assessment:

  • In the majority of lessons, teachers set high expectations and challenging work for their students.
  • The majority of teachers provide students with prompt and helpful feedback on their work, which indicates what they have done well and how they could improve. Students value this feedback and their progress improves because of knowing what they could do better.
  • Teachers use technology creatively to make lessons more interesting and effective in subjects such as mathematics, psychology, engineering and information and communication technology (ICT). They use resources such as a video streaming sites and the college’s virtual learning environment (VLE) to promote further reading, quizzes and tests to enable students to work very effectively outside of lessons, and prepare for the next lesson.
  • Teachers support their students very well. They review students’ progress frequently in tutorials and most set relevant targets to help students improve their standard of work. Students receive very good guidance for progression to the next level of study or work, particularly to higher education. Those students who need extra support with their learning receive good support from teachers and specialist staff which helps them to complete their assignments and keep up with their studies.