‘Life not Knife’ event with Chris Preddie OBE

‘Life not Knife’ event with Chris Preddie OBE

The annual NewVIc ‘Life not Knife’ day teamed the hard-hitting truth of gang culture with the more positive message of successful futures for staff and students this year.

During the day, students and staff took time to remember fellow student, David Adegbite, who was killed in March 2017. A tribute was followed by a balloon release outside the front of the college. This was then followed by a separate private memorial event for David’s friends and staff. 

Guest Speaker Chris Preddie showed his support on the day by presenting a motivational talk about ending youth violence.  Chris Preddie emphasised positive role models with students and spoke from his own experience about the impact that his brother’s murder had on him and his family.

NewVIc caught up with him and asked how he turned such a negative experience into a positive one, making changes to his life and to that of others.

Can you name a person who has had a big impact on you as a leader? 
There’s so many Ghandi, Martin Luther King……….the youth workers I have worked with, and definitely, of course my mum.

What are the most important decisions you made as a leader? 
Becoming a role model especially when I received my OBE. I realised the impact I could make and the responsibility, so now I need to be a role model in everything I do.

When and how did you decide to be a motivational speaker? 
Through ‘Crimestoppers’ ‘Fearless’. I worked with them 5 years ago; they gave me the opportunity to work in prisons and schools. 3 years later I started my own company.

What is your mission, core values or vision? 
Enjoy the journey, enjoy the present. My mission in life is to help young people reach their potential.

What do you feel is the biggest challenge facing our youth of today?
The biggest challenge is facing the stigma that follows the youth today; young people are often seen in a negative light. Adults sometimes forget what is was like to be young

What advice would you give our students and teenager?
We all have leadership qualities, we can all be leaders. I would say students need to find out what they enjoy doing in life. Then pursue it to full completion, this is the kind of thing that builds confidence.  I also think going to a mirror and encouraging yourself is uplifting and positive. I used to study acting, learning to do this this has really helped me through unconfident times, there’s a popular DJ Khaled, whopushes this form of uplifting ourselves.  I would say uplift yourself and others.

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