NewVIc student design winning poster

Ignas  Barauskas and Eddie Playfair with his winning poster

Last term NewVIc launched a competition amongst students to design a poster to promote British Values that was eye catching and engaging.

Both schools and colleges have a responsibility for promoting British Values to pupils and students. This is done both through classroom activities and visually around classrooms and corridors.

All entries were judged by the student Council as well as by a panel of senior leaders and teachers. The winning design was created by Ignas Barauskas an Art and Design student, formerly a Cumberland School pupil. Ignas received an Amazon voucher for £100. Runners up Abraham Egbawaye and Stephen Appiah both received vouchers for £50.

Principal, Eddie Playfair said: “Democracy, the rule of law, liberty and respect are key values and the students interpret them in their own way, and take ownership of them. This brilliant poster will really help us communicate the messages as part of everyday life.”

Ignas said: “I think my poster stood out because I used an abstract interpretation, whereas other students had used collages and imagery. The colours I used are NewVIc’s corporate colours and they contrast well together to create impact. I am enjoying seeing it all around college! When I’ve finished my course, I want to go into gaming design.”
The posters are already on the walls of classrooms and in corridors and have been well received amongst fellow students.

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