NewVIc Students study ‘Citizen Science’ alongside UCL undergraduates produce the Beyond the Plate exhibition

Beyond The Plate exhibition

A collaboration with the University College London, gave NewVIc students the experience of cutting edge methodology to produce a series of art pieces. Workshops were delivered as part of UCL Arts and Sciences BASc module Citizen Science for Radical Change to explore students’ relationships to food and eating. The first day of their exhibition opened on 22 March and proved to be a success.

NewVIc students took part in a total of seven workshops alongside UCL’s second and third year undergraduates who are studying the Arts and Science BASc programme.  Workshops included swapping food stories, testing food for micronutrients, a foraging workshop with published London foraging expert, John Rensten as well as co-creating designs for the final presentation.

Dr Kat Austen, Artist in Residence, Honorary Researcher at UCL says:
“These workshops have helped students to develop a new relationship to food by learning and researching together. The interdisciplinary methods we have used together can transform how we understand what we eat, and why we eat it’’

Karen Flanagan, Programme Team Manager for Science says: “This project has allowed NewVIc science students to develop the critical thinking that they need for future careers. UCL undergraduates have effectively mentored our students and have guided them through undergraduate level work."​

Art produced included a moving 3D sculpture ‘Travelling banana’ was made to shine a light on the process of the global food supply chain for food provision made with dominos, card , plastic cups , paint and clay. Another interpretation was through drama as students re acted a crime investigation into what substance poisoned the victim.

The event ended with students being awarded certificates honouring them for their work.  The exhibition will be on display in The Link at NewVIc until Friday 24 March at 4.00 pm.

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