NewVIc embrace the ‘mannequin challenge’ with British Values

With the help of over 50 students and 30 staff, NewVIc have created what they think is Britain’s first mannequin challenge based on British Values. Students helped to design the cards on display in the video and each card symbolises what NewVIc does to promote British Values across the whole spectrum of the college.  


Excited staff and students came together to film the video which was achieved with a minimum of ‘takes’.

The video came about from the need to explain what British Values were from the point of view of the student body, but also adds an element of fun.

Emma Wood, Senior Vocational Tutor, whose idea it was to film the video, says: “I am extremely proud of the video and it really epitomises what we stand for in terms of our values.

“This was a true team effort and I’d like to offer a huge thank you and well done to all of the staff and students involved in the planning, filming and editing of the mannequin challenge video.

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