NewVIc stands together against FGM

Staff and students unite against FGM

On Tuesday 14 March NewVIc staged a campaign against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Working with charity, ‘Forward’ (Foundation for Women's Health Research and Development), who have partnerships in the UK, Europe and Africa which aim to transform lives and tackle discriminatory practices that affect the dignity and wellbeing of girls and women. As a part of the campaign, Forward set-out a variety of interactive, fun and thought-provoking activities surrounding FGM. 

The group led by Health and Social Care students bid for and won funding from DfE to put on a full day of events opposing this illegal practice. Around 60 Health and Social Care and CACHE students agreed to become FGM ambassadors, designing placards, posters and t shirts to illustrate the strength of feeling amongst the student body.

Staff and students unite against FGM

As a part of the campaign a peaceful ‘protest walk’ took place in which staff (including Principal, Eddie Playfair) and students held placards and posters displaying facts about FGM. The event was recorded so that the footage can be turned into a video to help inform and advise others. In addition, students helped fundraise by selling the cupcakes and badges that they had designed and made. As a part of the entire day, a massive 484 students took part in the event - the highest number of students to ever embark on such a college led campaign at NewVIc. 

Emma Wood, who teaches Health and Social Care and CACHE, managed the campaign, and said: “I am so proud of the students and staff who worked long and hard on this special day to stand against FGM. We are determined to increase the visibility of the issue and dispel the myths are keeping this barbaric practice alive. Today has been the highlight of my career and all of the staff and students said how rewarding and enjoyable it was”. 

Student Haadiyah Vaid, said: “After weeks of planning and mammoth painting tasks the FGM campaign was a MASSIVE success. It was fantastic to be involved in the campaign. We all pulled together to raise awareness about FGM because women and girls need to be protected from FGM at all costs”.  

Although the practice of Female Genital Mutilation is illegal, it is estimated that 137,000 girls and women have been affected by FGM in the UK. Despite the progress in awareness and identification that has been made, there is yet to be a successful prosecution for FGM.

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