College statement on the death of David Adegbite

avid AdegbiteLast weekend, we lost one of our students, David Adegbite.

He was the victim of a senseless act of violence in Barking on Sunday 19 March. David was a sociable and well-liked second year IT student who was on track to achieve and progress to university this summer. We are all deeply shocked and saddened and our thoughts are with his family and friends at this very difficult time.

The NewVIc community is a place of safety, of respect and of non-violence and such a crime is an offence against all of us. NewVIc is also a place of ambition, of hope, of joy and of life. For David, this single act has tragically put an end to that ambition, that hope, that joy and that life. This is an affront to everything we stand for.

The best way for us to remember David and commemorate his life is for us to continue to be that community of ambition, hope, joy and life and to reiterate our total rejection of violence. We have ensured that all members of the NewVIc community affected by this incident have time to talk and grieve and receive the support they need. We are also in discussion with the student body about appropriate ways of remembering David.

We have created a quiet place where students and staff can go to remember David. There they can talk, grieve, bring photographs and write messages in a memorial book.  Materials on bereavement and support, including helplines, are available in the nearby Reflection & Faith room and online via iVIc.

Eddie Playfair - Principal

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