NewVIc welcomes Danish students

Danish students

As part of NewVIc’s cultural exchange programme, A level Film Studies students welcomed 23 Danish students from Gefion College in Copenhagen. These students were from a broad range of subject areas including business studies, social studies and the performing arts.

The emphasis was an intercultural student experience for both institutions. Their visit was organised into two sections. The morning offered opportunities including filming (a scene recreation from Shaun of the Dead). The other activity engaged both sets of learners in a sequence analysis, discussion and presentation of ‘Shaun of the Dead’ focusing on its use of the zombie genre/ horror genre and British comedy. Students were also able to shadow NewVIc students to get first-hand experience of teaching practices.

Media teacher Lisa Socrates said ‘It was a positive learning experience for both groups of students and our NewVIc students were excellent ambassadors.’

Danish student Bilal studying Social Studies said “we particularly liked listening to the performing arts students sing - it was impressive. At the end, the English students joined in with us singing in Danish by accompanying us with a human beat box rhythm”.

The students were taken on a tour of the college’s brand new Learning Resource Centre. Andrea Kaspara said “Danish libraries are not like this, it’s so spacious and very modern! If we need to go to a library we have to use our local public library’’  

It is hoped that a return visit to Gefion will be organised so NewVIc students can explore and study the fashionable Danish drama genres including the ‘Dogme’ filmmaking which has inspired psychological dramas like ‘Bergen’ and ‘The Killing’.

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