NewVIc swaps stories with visitors from Germany

NewVIc is very proud of its links outside of the UK and this relationship continued to flourish throughout the autumn term, with a visit from around 20 German A-level students. The students from Kaufmännische Schulen (one of NewVIc’s partner schools) in Rheine, Germany paid a visit to NewVIc.

The visit began with a welcome from Eddie Playfair, NewVIc Principal, who spoke to students about the cultural diversity of NewVIc and Newham as a whole.

“We start at 7.45am…”

The students compared their timetables and course programmes to the NewVIc students. The German students admitted that their days began at 7.45am, in comparison to the 9am start at NewVIc, however they ended at 2.30pm rather than 4.40pm. In addition, the students were studying 11 subjects overall, with four of the subjects being A-levels they have chosen and seven being core subjects (such as German and sport). Only around 50% of the Rheine students go on to university, while the other 50% go on to apprenticeships.

NewVIc students introduced themselves in German and the German students returned the gesture, by practising their English. For many of the visiting students it was their first visit to NewVIc, but second time in London.

“All the things I cannot tell them at school about multiculturalism and London... they can learn here…”

Following a tour of the college, the students then ventured to the Marugan Hindu Temple, spent some time exploring Green Street, before ending the day with an enlightening visit to Westfield shopping centre!

Gerlind said, “This is a marvellous experience for our students. All the things I cannot tell them at school about multiculturalism and London... they can learn here… It’s always such a pleasure to come and visit NewVIc.  The college and East London with its many cultures lets us experience something new, different and interesting,  and we always feel so welcome.”