Technical Baccalaureate (Tech Bacc)

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The Tech Bacc is a new high-status performance measure to recognise excellence in vocational education, ensuring that students have the technical ability employers want, and giving Britain the skilled workforce it needs to compete in the global economy. At NewVIc we will offer this to suitably qualified high-achieving students under our Honours Programme.

What is the Tech Bacc and who is it for?

The Tech Bacc is a programme of study aimed at ambitious, talented students who want to pursue a technical career. It will give students the opportunity to be stretched and to develop the skills/attributes needed to be successful in their chosen technical discipline.

To be considered for the Technical Baccalaureate you need to have 5 GCSEs A to C (including B in maths and English)


Students who achieve the qualifications that are included in the Tech Bacc will be equipped to apply for technician roles and higher apprenticeships in a wide range of industry sectors. Alternatively, they could enter professional training or progress to study at university.

Please Note: details of the Tech Bacc are still being finalised at the time the prospectus went to print.

What will I study?

The Technical Baccalaureate has three components:

1 Occupational Qualification:

These are qualifications that are recognised and valued by industry. They are shown below for each of the technical options covered by the Tech Bacc.

Students on the Tech Bacc choose one of the qualifying courses shown below:

STEM industries (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths)
Qualifying courses offered at NewVIc:

Creative industries 
Qualifying courses offered at NewVIc:

Service Industries
Qualifying courses offered at NewVIc:

2 Maths level 3 or AS-level Maths

There is a new level 3 maths qualification designed to develop the applied maths skills needed to be successful in your chosen industry.

For some students, in particular those pursuing the STEM qualifying courses, the AS-level maths is regarded as being the more appropriate maths qualification to study.

Students on the Tech Bacc choose either maths level 3 or AS mathematics.

3 The extended project

The extended project will develop and test students’ skills in extended writing, communication, research, self-discipline and self-motivation. Such skills are in high demand by industry and for further academic study. Students will be supported in researching and writing a 5,000 word project on a topic relevant to their industry or area of vocational study, or students can complete a practical project accompanied by a 1,000 word report.

Students on the Tech Bacc must complete an extended project.

In summary, to achieve the Tech Bacc students will need to complete:

  • A relevant qualifying course (as outlined above)
  • Maths level 3 or AS-level Mathematics
  • The extended project