GCSE English Language

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GCSE English Language is a fundamental requirement for all jobs and university courses. A good understanding of the English Language will help you to get the qualifications for the job that you want. This is an intensive programme for those who are re-taking the GCSE course to achieve an A*-C grade.

Course type


Course length

One year (as part of your full-time programme)

Required qualifications

A grade D (or equivalent) in GCSE English Language.

What will I study?

The course will focus on:

  • improving your ability to write in different styles and formats in standard English
  • broadening your understanding of the texts on the course
  • developing your writing skills, through the use of specially designed interactive materials

On the course you will:

  • read and understand a range of texts, identifying the writers’ crafts and transferring these skills into your own writing for a range of genres, audiences and purposes
  • present and listen to information and ideas, as well as respond to questions and views of others, adapting speech appropriately to context and audience
  • make a range of effective contributions, using creative approaches to exploring questions, solving problems and developing ideas

Method of assessment

This course involves both oral and written work, and you will be assessed on both of these elements.

You will also be required to sit four controlled assessments and a final exam during the year.

Other information

This is an intensive course, so you will be required to work hard throughout the year. We expect a high level of attendance and you will therefore be asked to sign a GCSE learning contract at the beginning of the year.