Foundation Learning


A starting point for students who need more support with their learning. Progression options include studying a Level 2 course.

Programmes of study relate to all forms of learning you will have the opportunity to access whilst at the college, for Foundation Learning vocational students this includes the following elements:

  1. Main/substantial qualification(s): an appropriate entry 1, 2,3 or Level 1 course
  2. Tutorial: to review and support your progress
  3. Enrichment: a range of student development activities designed to advance your leadership, social, intellectual, enterprise, work related and team working skills
  4. Core skills: an opportunity to further develop your numeracy, literacy and independent living skills

Where will the Foundation Learning programme take me?

Foundation learning covers a range of programmes aimed at students not yet ready to begin a Level 2 course.

The courses are tailored to your individual needs and during your interview we will look carefully at the best programme for you. This will depend on what your aims and interests are, as well as what you are currently studying.

Towards the end of your programme, your tutor will support and guide you to help you move on to your next step, which could be another Foundation Learning programme, a Level 2 programme or supported employment.