A-level Statistics


Statistics will introduce you to the main statistical methods used today in a wide range of research, such as in Psychology, Sociology, Biology and Economics. You will learn about the concepts behind these statistical methods and be able to make informed decisions about which statistical method is best suited to analyse a particular data set. You will also explore a variety of data representations and ways to collect data.

Course type

A-level (AS and A2)

Course length

AS-level: one year, A-level: two years

Required qualifications

You will need to have averaged grade B in the majority of your GCSEs and have a minimum of grade 6 in Mathematics.

What will I study?

The course will focus on:

  • the measure of central tendency
  • measures of spread
  • probability
  • a variety of data organisation, distributions and non-parametric data analysis
  • the application of Statistics to control manufacturing

On the course you will:

  • explore a variety of statistical methods through practical activities and theoretical scenarios
  • learn about advantages and limitations of each statistical method
  • the most important statistical methods
  • explore the meanings behind statistical statements made by press, politicians, economists and others

Please note: Statistics is a challenging A-level which you are strongly advised to research well before choosing as one of your subject options.

Method of assessment

Both AS-level and A2 consist of three modules each and are assessed by written examinations.

What will I be able to progress to?

Successfully passing AS/A-level Statistics will prepare you for university courses that include modules on Quantitative Research Methods (Statistics), such as Statistics, Sociology, Psychology, Biology, Geography and Business Studies or Economics. Many degrees now include a Statistics module in the first year. AS/A2 Statistics is a very useful preparation for this often challenging module.

Other information

Statistics will be of particular help with your college coursework if you are studying Biology, Geography or Psychology.

If you are interested in studying Statistics at university, you will also need to study A-level Mathematics. If you enjoy Statistics, but find algebra difficult, then this course presents a valid alternative to A-level Mathematics.