A-level Mathematics


Mathematics is the application of a limited number of methods to a never-ending number of problems. It can be used to solve many practical problems in a variety of areas, such as architecture, business, engineering and science. This course covers a mixture of pure mathematics, mechanics and statistics. You must like algebra and trigonometry to succeed on this course.

Course type

A-level (AS and A2)

Course length

AS-level: one year, A-level: two years

Required qualifications

You will need to have averagedĀ  grade B in the majority of your GCSEs and have a minimumĀ  grade 6 in Mathematics.

What will I study?

The course will focus on:

  • Pure Mathematics topics including algebra, trigonometry and geometry
  • Statistics
  • Mechanics

On the course you will:

  • carry out practical and investigative work
  • learn how to solve problems requiring mathematical skills and concepts from various areas
  • learn how to analyse problems and discuss possible solutions
  • use specialised computer software to support and extend your work

Please note: Mathematics is a challenging A-level which you are strongly advised to research well before choosing as one of your subject options.

Method of assessment

The final grade for the AS-level is made up of three unit examinations on the work covered in the first year. The full A-level is assessed by three more unit examinations.

What will I be able to progress to?

A-level Mathematics is essential for a degree in Mathematics, Physics and Engineering and it is recommended for Computer Science, Economics and Accounting. If you are considering a degree in the first four of these subjects at a highly competitive university, you are also strongly advised to study Further Mathematics to at least AS-level. You can however pick up AS-level Further Mathematics in your second year.

Other information

We also offer a specialist Technical Baccalaureate for students confident that they would like to pursue further study and careers in the technical industries.