A-level Economics


Are you interested in how an economy works and the role of money? Are you curious about what affects interest, tax, exchange and employment rates? Are you curious about imports and exports? How do interest rates affect you? Are you interested in Britain’s development and role in a global economy? If so, you will enjoy this subject.

Course type


Course length

A-level: two years

Required qualifications

You will need to have averaged B grades in the majority of your GCSEs and have at least a B grade in Mathematics.

What will I study?

The AS-level course will focus on:

  • competitive markets – how they work and why they fail
  • how economies are managed
  • Business Economics and economic efficiency
  • global economy and international trade

On the course you will:

  • carry out extensive research of several countries and their development
  • engage in an in-depth study of current economic events
  • write clear and concise essays
  • complete independent learning

Please note: Economics is a challenging A-level that requires lots of research and analytical skills. You are strongly advised to investigate the demands of this subject before choosing it as one of your subject options.

To be successful you must be confident in your numerical skills and demonstrate a strong academic ability.

Method of assessment

You will be assessed through four examinations consisting of unseen data questions, multiple choice questions and structured essays.

What will I be able to progress to?

ou will have access to a wide range of higher education opportunities and careers. These include Politics, Law, Banking, Insurance, Business, Accountancy, Journalism, the Civil Service and Public Administration.

Other information

We discourage students from combining Business and Economics (because of their overlap).