A-level Computer Science

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One-year AS/two-year A-level

From Facebook to running nuclear power stations, software development is at the heart of modern living. If you want to learn about computer programming and enjoy solving problems, you will enjoy this subject.

Course type


Course length

A-level: two years

Required qualifications

You will need to have averaged B grades in the majority of your GCSEs, including a minimum grade B in Mathematics. Your college programme must include AS-level Mathematics and should be Engineering, Science or Graphics/Digital Media-focused. Computer Science is a challenging A-level which you are strongly advised to research well before choosing as one of your subject options.

What will I study?

The course will focus on:

  • analysing user requirements, design and implementation of solutions
  • gaining an in-depth knowledge of computing and related topics
  • developing knowledge of programming theory
  • building practical skills in developing software programs
  • using the Visual Basic .NET programming environment

On the course you will:

  • design, create and test computer programs
  • research and understand computing concepts using Kerboodle (an internet-based VLE)
  • enhance your ability to work with numbers
  • build your problem-solving skills

Method of assessment

In the second year, you will undertake a major project and take one practical programming skills examination and one written examination.

What will I be able to progress to?

This subject is ideal if you intend to go on to study Computer Science, Software Engineering or newer courses such as Gaming or Genetic Engineering at degree level.

There are many related courses where knowledge of programming is an advantage. Computer Science is viewed as a difficult subject, in the same way as Mathematics and Science A-levels

Other information

A-level Computer Science must be taken in combination with A-level Mathematics.